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Updated 9'th of April 2011

LATEST NEWS: - 9'th of April 2011 Back on air after repair.

The 10 GHz / 24 GHz beacon OZ5SHF is located in JO45VX, abt. 15 km north of Horsens in Denmark. It's placed halfway up a commercial mast situated on the highest point in Denmark - Yding Skovhoj, 210 meter ASL - with a clear "shot" in all directions.

The beacon is built into a watertight housing, with two slotted waveguide omnidirectional antennas mounted on an extention arm.
Here Verner OZ5TG is struggling to mount the beacon 35 meter up the mast.

  • Technical specifications:
  • Frequency 10368,900 MHz
  • Power 25W ERP
  • Frequency 24048,900 MHz
  • Power 7W ERP
  • OCXO OZ9ZZ design. GPS locked
  • Modulation F1
  • Height 210 meter ASL
  • Locator JO45VX
If you hear OZ5SHF, please send me a reception report.

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